NEWSFLASH: Hadel Ma’ayeh and her poetry book “From the Heart” featured in Be A Bestseller

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Hadel S. Ma’ayeh

Our Jordanian-American author Hadel S. Ma’ayeh and her book of poetry, haikus, and sayings titled From the Heart: A Journey of Love (2014; Hope & Life Press) have been featured in the January 11 Issue (#132) of the online magazine Be a Bestseller. Ma’ayeh, who is also a Huffington Post Passionista, was interviewed for this feature by Jennifer Carlevatti Aderhold. The interview is reproduced below for your enjoyment, with the magazine publisher’s consent.

Makin’ It Happen

As this week’s Makin it Happen Author we have Hadel S. Ma’ayeh, who resides in scenic Illinois, USA and beautiful Madaba, Jordan. Hadel is passionate about the arts, poetry in particular, and she draws her inspiration from profound poets, such as Khalil Gibran, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allen Poe. Hadel enjoys writing poems and haikus by taking in the world around her and writing from the heart. All of Hadel’s poetry is expressed by her emotions and the people who surround her in life. Like an oil painter who uses a paint brush, Hadel paints scenes and moments through her eloquent words.

Hadel is an American-Jordanian poet who has been writing poetry since she was nine years old. She is influenced and encouraged by her peers, family, and teachers. Her poetry spans 20 plus years of life experience, and readers are able to glimpse into Hadel’s Jordanian heritage as well as her faith as a Greek Orthodox Christian. Hadel is proud of the fact that she was baptized in the historical Saint George’s Greek Orthodox Church in Madaba, Jordan, which houses a sixth century mosaic map of the Holy Land on the church’s floor.

Hadel is a new author of a book of 56 poems, 14 haikus, and various sayings published by Hope and Life Press. The book, FROM THE HEART – A Journey of Love, is available on Amazon worldwide along with other major booksellers. Additionally, before the book’s release date (October 16, 2014), Hadel made Amazon’s list of “Hot New Releases in Middle Eastern Poetry.” Currently, Hadel continues to write poems and haikus along with some new short stories.

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NEWSFLASH: Hadel Ma’ayeh and her poetry book “From the Heart” featured in Be A Bestseller