NEWS: Upcoming lectures by Larisa Dmitrieva Micallef, Ph.D.

We are pleased to announce that our Russian Orthodox linguist and author Larisa Dmitrieva Micallef, Ph.D., will be giving lectures about the Divine Significance of Church Slavonic Letters (2015, Hope & Life Press) to both the Russian and Maltese public. Details of the lectures and presentations can be found below. The book is available from major booksellers including Amazon in both the Russian and English languages, in paperback and ebook editions.

1) Revival of the Lost Heritage – Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 12.00 pm. VENUE: Lecture Hall of Sunday School, Bogoslovskiy pereulok 4, Moscow, Russia.

Russian Poster Lecture Feb 2016-page-001

On Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 12pm, at the Sunday School Lecture Hall (Bogoslovskiy pereulok 4, Moscow, Russia), there will be a lecture titled Revival of the Lost Heritage and presentation of the book Divine Significance of Church Slavonic Letters by Larisa Dmitrieva Micallef. The author will speak about the important role of Church Slavonic in Russia, its international impact, and about the divine significance of the Church Slavonic letters. At the end of the lecture, the author will answer questions from the audience and the books will be available for sale at a reduced price. Entrance to the lecture is free.

2) Divine Significance of Church Slavonic Letters – Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 7.00 pm. VENUE: Conference Hall of the Volunteer Center, Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, 186 Melita Street, Valletta, Malta. 

Larisa's Presentation - Malta

Fascinating lecture for everyone about the divine significance of Church Slavonic letters by Larisa Dmitrieva Micallef, Ph.D.; lecturer at the Leo Tolstoy Institute of Languages and Culture. The book will also be available for sale and entrance to the lecture is free.

NEWS: Upcoming lectures by Larisa Dmitrieva Micallef, Ph.D.