JUST OUT: Help for Suffering Humanity – Mary, Help of Christians by Brian Kiczek of New Jersey

Mary Help of Christians Front Cover FINAL v3Hope and Life Press is pleased to announce the release of the devotional book Help for Suffering Humanity: Mary, Help of Christians by Brian Kiczek, D.C., which contains numerous stories about the miraculous interventions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, in the lives of individuals, families, peoples, towns, cities, and nations, throughout history up to the present day, under the title Auxilium Christianorum as invoked by the saints John Chrysostom and John Bosco; crowned by Leo XIII, solemnly instituted by Pius VII, and more recently invoked for persecuted Chinese Christians by Benedict XVI. The particular aspect of Mary as help of Christians in times of war, both physical and spiritual warfare, is highlighted. Powerful prayers to Mary, help of Christians are given for the reader to use, together with guidance about the key of humility for obtaining help. Inspirational narratives about the unparalleled wonder and importance of the Mass, the healing power of the sacraments of confession and communion, and the efficacious prayer of the rosary as weapon are included. Help for Suffering Humanity: Mary, Help of Christians is available in paperback and ebook editions from Amazon, the publishers Hope and Life Press, and other booksellers.


Brian GOOD USE THISBrian Kiczek, D.C., is a chiropractor, husband, and father of three, who reverted back to the Catholic faith after 10 years of atheism, followed by New Age beliefs, then Bible believer. He is a United States Navy veteran of the Persian Gulf War, during which he served as an operations specialist aboard the USS Normandy. This and other life experiences, including serving as security officer in Manhattan during 9/11 and after at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, together with working in various chiropractic offices treating multiple conditions, have served to inspire Kiczek to come up with ways to integrate prayer and work, to help others in both a physical and a spiritual manner. His research dissertation addressed the Effects of prayer and religiosity on health and longevity. Kiczek presently works in the disadvantaged area of Passaic County, New Jersey, helping to heal wounded backs.

Kiczek has been educated in the Catholic schools of Red Bank, New Jersey and graduated cum laude from Rutgers University. He holds a doctorate in chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport. He is active in evangelization with the parish of his church, in particular as a Confraternity of Christian Doctrine teacher for many years. He also co-founded a children’s rosary group in the said parish. Kiczek is popularly known as the Rosary Doctor for his tireless work in spreading the message of the rosary to anyone open to hear it. He believes that the prodigal sons and daughters of the world are going to return to God and to the Church in droves, as the famine that is spreading across the globe increases through financial crises, wars, and disasters. Having lived through what it means to be a prodigal son,Kiczek feels great care and compassion for all who may be away from God, and works without cease to heal both physical and spiritual ills. He strives to repay the Lord, Jesus Christ, for having been merciful to him, in particular through the power and the love of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


– There is a reason Mary is known as the help of Christians. In this book, Brian Kiczek details numerous stories of her miraculous intervention throughout history. Reading the book will allow you to see not only what Mary has done in the lives of others, but also to better appreciate what she can do in your own life. Highly recommended – Gary Zimak, radio host, speaker, and author of Listen to the Blessed Mother.

– In 1862, Bosco told one of his Salesian priests, “Our Lady wants us to honor her with the title Help of Christians. The times are so sad that we need the holy Virgin to help us preserve and defend the Christian faith.” In his book, Kiczek masterfully illustrates our Lady’s intervention throughout history. Every Catholic should have this book on the family bookshelf – James J. Gambino, Salesian Cooperator.

– Have you ever wondered about the inner life and spirituality of the Blessed Mother of God? Brian Kiczek, using the insights of the great mystics of the Church, has given us a superb reflection on those thoughts which Mary pondered in her heart – Reverend James Tucker, Parochial vicar, Epiphany Parish, New Jersey.

– Kiczek presents a simple-to-understand approach to Marian theology and supports the case for devotion to the Blessed Mother through Scripture, historical events, and the wisdom of the saints…I recommend this book to anyone with a love for the Blessed Mother, or who is seeking to attain a basic understanding of Marian devotion. Truly, as society calls out in its suffering, now is the time for Christians to plead for the intercession of Mary as help of Christians, as she approaches her Son on our behalf – James A. Toups, author of The Storm: A Time of Mercy, Choices and Hope; speaker, entrepreneur.

JUST OUT: Help for Suffering Humanity – Mary, Help of Christians by Brian Kiczek of New Jersey