NEW: The Beast, the Prophets and the Victory by Iowa novelist Marie Ann Dean

the-beast-front-coverHope and Life Press is pleased to announce the release of the supernatural fantasy in the Catholic Melitensia genre The Beast, the Prophets and the Victory by Notre Dame alum and Iowa novelist Marie Ann Dean. The book is also the sequel to Dean’s first novel The Jeweler’s Polish set in the small Mediterranean island of Malta.

In a gripping narrative full of intrigue and bloodshed, darkness and light, faith and hope spanning three continents, Father Xavier and Father Antony, in the company of Jerome of Tunisia, witness an explosion that kills the provincial general of the Society of Jesus and other priests. Together with Emerald Rohan Grady and Martin of Malta, they are forced to flee to other countries in fear for their lives. But why did this happen? Who, in reality, are Father Stefan Mifsud, Muriel Cannon, Tyrone Bryce, George Deals and Mala Atesta? Has the time of the prophets arrived? Why does the seat of power in the United States of America transfer from Washington, D.C., to a different state? Who succeeds Pope Francis as Vicar of the Catholic Church? Who is the woman with a face resembling that of the Holy Virgin at Fatima? Above all, who is the Antichrist? Will he appear in our times?

The Beast, the Prophets and the Victory is available in paperback and ebook editions from Amazon, the publishers Hope and Life Press and other booksellers.

About the Author

Marie Ann Dean RESIZEDMarie Ann Dean is an American novelist and poet from Iowa, with particular interest in Catholic contemplative spiritualities in the Latin Rite tradition. A teacher by profession and former Montessori homeschooler, Dean has helped to set up various classical education schools and Montessori homeschools across the United States (US). She has also lectured on English Literature at the University of Notre Dame and on both Theology and Literature at Bristol University in the United Kingdom (UK). Dean holds a Master Teacher’s Certificate from the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools. She has also been a lay chaplain with the Westminster Diocese (UK). Dean writes on the faith and spirituality at Etheldreda’s Place and The Courtyard. Dean is twice winner and Grand Prize winner of the Mississippi Valley Poetry contest with her poems. She enjoys painting in watercolors, acrylics, and oils.

NEW: The Beast, the Prophets and the Victory by Iowa novelist Marie Ann Dean