5* REVIEW: The Pro-Life Apologetics Manual


Editorial note: This book, available in paperback and ebook editions, can now also be found at the Vatican libraries including the Gregoriana, the Angelorum, and the Pontifical North American College.

Book review by Brian Kiczek, D.C., Co-founder of the End of Abortion Movement

Angelo Stagnaro’s book The Pro-Life Apologetics Manual gives you well over 100 answers to common Pro Death Myths or pseudo arguments used to defend abortion.  Each myth as he calls them is soundly and effectively rebutted using basic logic. One of the themes, besides answering all these myths soundly and decisively, is that when you depart from God you also depart from logic and sound thinking. You lose it basically.This book is perfect for anyone ready to defend life and also those on the fence regarding abortion and also anyone open to the truth. Continue reading here.

5* REVIEW: The Pro-Life Apologetics Manual