NEWS: Hope and Life Press welcomes Filipino-American psychologist B. J. Gonzalvo

bjgonzalvo headshotHope and Life Press (HLP) is proud to welcome B. J. Gonzalvo, Ph.D., a Catholic Filipino-American organizational psychologist and veteran. Gonzalvo comes on board with his book Leadership Development Training With the Saints, which is scheduled to be released by HLP in early 2018, in paperback and ebook editions.

Gonzalvo is currently the manager of a human capital analytics program with a large HR agency and has experience serving various organizations including government, military and nonprofit. Gonzalvo served in the US Navy as a logistics specialist and in the Air Force Reserves as a psychology technician. In the late 1990s, he was deployed to Southwest Asia as part of Operation Northern Watch. He was also a research fellow at the United States (US) Department of Defense in Arlington, Virginia.

Giving back to the communities that have supported him throughout the years means a lot to Gonzalvo.  He volunteers as a management consultant at 501 Commons, a nonprofit organization that helps to boost the capacity of other nonprofits, and has researched leadership for them and analyzed a volunteer engagement study. Gonzalvo also volunteers for various Filipino organizations and events, in particular those held by the Filipino American National Historical Society, as his racial and ethnic heritage is a source of pride and gives him a sense of belonging.

The Catholic Faith and music are two of Gonzalvo’s most closely-held passions. These lead him to also volunteer as a musician for the Couples for Christ community and other church groups. In addition, he serves as a catechist at his local parish.

​Gonzalvo was born and raised in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines. He moved to Seattle, WA, with his parents and younger brother when he was 15 years old. Gonzalvo spent a total of six agonizing years in high school (three years in the Philippines, three years in the US) and “don’t ask me why!”  He then graduated one semester early from Mount Rainier High School, Des Moines, WA.

With little-to-no specific direction in life and zero savings for college tuition despite working 50 hours a week at McDonalds and Taco Bell, the military because Gonzalvo’s number one career option, especially since he already had two uncles who were also in the military. He travelled to several places and met many interesting people. More importantly, he learned discipline and gained an amazing work experience that allowed him to concurrently serve in the US and earn his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington, the Master’s, and his Ph.D., in Psychology from Walden University.

Gonzalvo is the author of Lessons in Leadership From the Saints: Called to Holiness, Called to Lead (Westbow Press). He is alos a member of the American Psychological Association. Gonzalvo contributes to Northwest Catholic and writes regularly for Mind & Spirit Magazine, which integrates psychology and the Catholic Faith. His latest book Leadership Development Training With the Saints (Hope & Life Press) will be released early next year. He is also working on another book titled Varieties of Filipino American Catholic Experience. Gonzalvo lives with his wife and two children outside of Seattle, WA, and considers himself blessed to be able to do many fun things, including his most favored activity of spending time with his growing family.

NEWS: Hope and Life Press welcomes Filipino-American psychologist B. J. Gonzalvo